September 22-23, 2016

Today started off with a pretty emotional time with the family at the airport. My flight was at 10:50 and it went very smooth. In Toronto I had about a 4 hour delay and for the most part I spent that text and snap hating friends. I also had some supper which consisted of two caesar salads with a different kind of sauce which was some kind of vinegar mixture in it, not the regular one and to me it tasted so much better. I bought some snacks that we way over priced and then just waited for my plane. Oh and I was very sad that I could’t have my last Tim Horton’s they were on the other side of the glass and I couldn’t get to them. Oh well. Upon boarding the plane I realized that there must have been around 300-400 people cause of how may seats there were. Then as it died down not all the seats were full so there were maybe 200-300, but still. We had a short delay because of some kind of signalling system difficulty but we were up in the air in about an hour. The food was very good. It was chicken with come beans, carrots, and potatoes with salad and a browny on the side. Good job Air Canada. During the meal and afterwards I watched the movie 13 Hours which was almost exactly like Black Hawk Down but in Iraq on September 11, 2012. Oh and I had a window seat for both flights and didn’t have anyone sitting next to me from Toronto to Munich so I could stretch out. After the movie I went to bed and slept for like 4-5 hours. Woke up and had a muffin (also very good) and watched some Big Bang Theory. We landed an hour behind schedule because of the delay in Toronto. As a side note the Munich Airport has overpasses for the airplanes so that the trucks and other stuff don’t have to wait for the plane…very well planed. I got my luggage and went to the train were I got on and had absolutely no idea where I was going. After the 45 minute ride, I found myself at Central Station where I got off. Aimlessly wondering around I couldn’t find where the bus station was and had only 20 minutes to get to it before it left at 1:30. After asking three people I finally got to the station (I will also point out that Munich is quite hilly and now my legs and back are killing me). I did end up missing the bus that I had rebooked and ad to buy another ticket. The next was at 2:45 and I took it. I guess because of the jet lag or something but I just passed out because I was so exhausted which made me ride past the bus stop in Friedrichshafen that I needed to stop at. So I got off at the next stop and had to buy another ticket and go back to where I was. I got off at the right station this time and walked down a road to Bodenseehoff. I was welcomed to the school and was shown my room, given a short tour and had some supper, which I gladly accepted because I hadn’t had anything since the morning. After supper we had a small meeting with some worship songs and then the mic was passed around to all the kids and we had to say who we were, where we were from and what we did in the summer. I was super nervous. After that we watched a movie about the school and then it was over. I then called home to mom and we talked for probably like 20-30 minutes. That was cool. Also got to talk to Ben for a little bit too. After that I went to my room and charged my phone so I could go to the wifi room and talk to some friends. That was also really cool and I miss everyone so much already. Got to meet some new friends and I felt really included. Had a shower cause I literally hadn’t stopped sweating all day and now I’m writing this at 3:40pm Edmonton time but 11:40pm here in Germany. Overall the last to days were a lot of travelling and going to some new and different places. Germany is really cool so far and I’m really really really looking forward the the next 6 months!


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