September 24, 2016

Today started off with me realizing that I needed about another 12 hours of sleep. I was super tired but as the day has been going on I have been getting better. Breakfast was not to typical with having a bun and some meat and cheese with also some yogurt. We then had a very long meeting about the “Youth Mobility Visa” issue and that took about a solid 2 hours. Haha of well. Afterwards we had a little break in the Honeycomb room before going back into the lecture hall where we were told what was going to happen throughout out the day and the different hiking days we had coming up. Lunch was next with a very good pasta with a self serve salad bar. We had some free time in-between and then we (a couple of us) headed out to the store. The walk was about a 30 minutes to the store and the store was cute neat. Unlike all the typical North American Stores the ceiling were super short and the prices were extremely cheap. I now know that I should have brought less stuff and instead should have bought some of it here. Basically I bought shampoo, body wash, aftershave, toothpaste, a Litre of Vanilla Coke and 2 chocolate bars for a total of $7.88 Euros which turns into $11.52 Canadian. It’s crazy cheap! Also on the way to and from the store I counted 18 Porsche 911’s and Ben would definitely be jealous of all of them here. Haha. After we got back we played a game of 7 Kingdoms or something like that and it is super fun. We then had supper outside because of how nice it was and I sat with more new friends. Some of us at the table ended up playing foosball afterwards down stairs and then we had a small meeting/worship/student sharing time and then we had free time from about 9:00 to 11:30 or 12 when it’s lights out. I’m getting more well connected with people and I feel safe around here. Anyways tomorrows Sunday and it should be good.


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